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Getting back to my roots

I used to post pics of flowers and plants on a different site. I’m starting it up again here at where the pics will be larger and a little easier to upload because of the WordPress (see below for why it was such a pain to post to the old blog).

With the old blog, the pictures I took were uploaded to Flickr because Typepad has a really f’ed up way of storing uploads in badly nested folders. WordPress has a media library that gives you a great front end to manage your media. Dealing with Flickr also had problems because I was always having to copy and paste the Flickr url for EACH pic. It was exhausting. WordPress really is a better choice for blogging.

Fire photos from last week

A large plume seen from Ashley Pond in downtown Los Alamos.

Qwest workers watching the fire from their rooftop.

A couple watch the smoke plumes grow while sharing a picnic at Ashley Pond in Los Alamos.

Fire danger: Extreme.

Los Alamos, NM.

Summer in New Mexico.

Smoke can still be seen over the hills at sunset.

The most visible portion of the fire was from Barranca Mesa.

Fire rages north of Barranca Mesa.

Joining the ranks of Neil Armstrong, Lewis and Clark, and Hillary and Norgay

I went to my first bridal shower. As an invited guest. Also as a photographer. My best friend Wendy had her bridal shower this past weekend and I had the pleasure of being the only man (aside from the waiters) to be there for the entire time. I know there may have been other men before me that have had the privilege to witness the unique rituals of a bridal shower. But I got pics.

Sandia Peak Tram

While in Albuquerque, the wife and I took the tram up to Sandia Peak. The difference in elevation was about 4,000 feet and the difference in temperature was about 30 degrees.

Almost 2 miles up although it doesn't look it since ABQ's elevation varies from 4,900ft to over 6,700ft.

NE Albuqurque is in the background as one car descends (on the left) and another ascends (on the right).

Trees grow on a cliff beneath a shelter on top of the Sandia mountains.

Clouds roll by over Sandia Peak.

A view of Albuquerque from Sandia Peak.

At the top of the tramway on Sandia Peak.

Looking south along the ridge line of the Sandia mountains.

A tram car pulls into the landing at Sandia Peak.

It is not uncommon for tram employees to ride the tram "al fresco".

I got a pic of myself before entering the tram car to head back to ABQ.



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